Lifting ExerciseLie on your back and

Lifting ExerciseLie on your back and

Lifting Exercise

Lie on your back and relax for a moment. Then bend your knees and bring your heels toward your buttocks, keeping your feet flat on the floor. Grab your ankles and suet and doted them, slowly raise the hips arching the lower spine and lifting the navel towards the sky. As you lift your hips, inhale slowly through your nose. Hold your breath as you stretch up, waking up all you can comfortably, then relax slowly down the position as you exhale through the nose. Repeat this slowly raises and lowers a minimum of twelve times, synchronizing breathing with movement of the hips, to a maximum of twenty times gradually increasing the repetitions. To end, inhale up, hold your breath for ten seconds, lower your navel in and apply the root lock. After stretching your legs relax and feel the invigorating effects of this exercise.

If you can not grab the ankles, place your arms at the sides and help yourself to them for winning. People with a history of pain in the lower back should consult with your doctor before starting. Try to let your breath do the work: Inhale while your hips are up and exhale lowering them. This exercise will automatically breathe deeply. Keep your eyes closed in this and other exercises to feel the rhythmic movement of your body without visual distractions. Rest on your back for two minutes after exercise and enjoy its revitalizing effect.

This exercise relaxes the abdominal strain. It gives you an immediate energy supply that can last all day. It also stimulates your thyroid gland. It allows a deeper breath and enlarges your energy level. Mobilize your energy at the bottom to the top of the column.

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