Why should you focus on your health rather than fat loss -

Why should you focus on your health rather than fat loss -

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Why should you focus on your health rather than fat loss 02/09/2014

0 Comments Welcome back to my site darling! Hey tell me, do you sometimes get home from work tired, sit on the couch and you just cannot be bothered to get up to go for your walk or the gym? All you want to do is watch tv although there is nothing interesting on? Do you often experience lack of energy and feel week or sleepy? Does exercise saps your energy and make you more tired? Do you often feel like you need a "sugar boost" especially in the afternoon? Let me tell you something, you may think that you are just plain lazy or have no will power but there is a lot more to it. The above are just signs that your body is simply not as it''s peak health, physically as well as mentally and emotionally. And if this is getting in the way of your weight loss potential, then this is what you need to work on. Here I will give you some insights into how poor health is affecting your weight and share with you ways in which you can improve your weight. When your body is healthy , your body will become naturally inclined to lose excess fats. Human beings are self-preserving species. Our body knows how to keep itself healthy and disease free. One example is our very powerful immune system that protect us against virtually millions of pathogens that we constantly get exposed to. Our body has in-build systems and functions that ensure our survival. For example you will never be able to hold your breath to the point where you would collapse due to lack of oxygen, your body will force you to breathe despite you are trying to hold your breath. The same thing applies to your weight. If your weight and carrying excess body fats is going to harm your body then your body will naturally be inclined to lose weight and your body has various ways of doing this and one way of doing this is that your body will automatically increase it''s metabolic rate as you gain weight in an attempt to get your body weight back to normal. When your body is healthy it will have a natural tendency to lose weight and keep it off because that''s what it has been programmed to do.Here are some common mistakes I see in women who wants to lose weight that are in fact sabotaging their results: 1) Diets and deprivation The problem I see with many people who try to lose weight and only focus on the fat loss actually under eat. They are not getting enough nutrients in which is at the cause of various complications such as vitamins, minerals and protein deficiency. Let me tell you a big secret about your body, your hormones are what controls your weight. If you are not getting enough nutrients in, you will have a hormonal imbalance which in turn will impact on your body to control it''s own weight. Furthermore hormonal imbalances can also cause low energy levels and can even impact on your general sense of well being. Eat a variety of nutritious foods and enough of it. Aim at consuming fruits, vegetables and a source of protein at every meal. Including breakfast. 2) Counting calories, eating at set specific times and pre determined quantities. Another thing about your body, when your body is healthy it will let you know when you have consumed enough calories and will also let you know when you need to consume more. Hence there is no point counting or controlling your calories. Your body controls how much calories you need to consume by controlling your appetite and hunger levels. Trust your body''s natural ability for survival! Your body will tell you exactly when you need to eat and how much.It''s not the calories in the food that you need to be concerned about but the quality of the food. The best and healthiest foods are food found in their most natural form, for instance fresh produce. Avoid processed foods. 3) Cutting back on sugars and carbs.You need sugar for energy! Sugar has become the #1 weight loss enemy. But I believe that this is garbage! Our body uses sugar as it primary source of energy, so no sugar, no energy. Your brain uses sugar every seconds, your body is constantly using sugar to make hormones and other chemical that your body needs to function properly. It''s not about the amount of sugar but again it''s about the quality of the sugar. Good quality sugar is naturally occurring in fruits and some vegetables. This sugar isn''t actually detrimental to your health and on the contrary sugar found in its natural form will give you both a boost of energy and sustained energy. The sugar that causes the issues are the processed white sugars that are found in cakes, biscuits, flavored yoghurts. Instead of eliminating sugars, be selective about the type of sugar you have.4) Cutting back of fats.Your body needs fats to be healthy. Your body needs fats to produce hormones which remember controls your body''s ability to regulate your weight? Aim at consuming unsaturated fats and avoid saturated fats which have been linked to raising blood cholesterol and heart diseases. Other things you can do to promote your health1) Cut back on alcohol2) Get enough sleep3) Deal with stress- Practice relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation or get a massage4) Drink enough water or fluidsIf you follow these guidelines, your body will become naturally inclined to lose weight without the diets, pills or other methods. Furthermore you will have more energy and vitality to exercise and get through the day. Another mistake made by many women: Setting unrealistic goals. Okay All of the above are things that I currently do myself and for me this is very realistic. In fact on top of the above I also exercise pretty much everyday on average for 2 hours each day and on weekends up to 4 hours. Yes! this may sound crazy! But it isn''t impossible.There is no such thing as unachievable , only unrealistic time frames. What I see many women do is commit to taking heaps of actions at once but the problem is that it is such a huge change that they are unable to stick to the steps they committed to and end up feeling discouraged and throwing in the towel. The secret to make this work is by setting small goals, commit to these goals, remain accountable and once you are achieving these goals and are no longer challenging you, then set the bar higher. This is exactly what I help my clients do, goal setting and accountability. Click here to find out more about life coaching Your body will be naturally inclined to lose weight as a survival mechanism unless your body "thinks" that losing weight is a threat Okay a great place to start is by improving your health to give you enough energy and vitality to be active and put your body under the right hormonal conditions that will promote weight loss. Unfortunately though this alone may not be enough. Here is the thing... If excess weight is detrimental to your health, your body becomes naturally inclined to lose the extra weight as it''s survival mechanism. However if you have unconsciously associated being slim with a pain, threat or fear and has associated carrying excess body fats with safety comfort and security, then your body may be more inclined to hold on to body fats. If you have been struggling with your weight for years even if you are taking considerably good care of your health then chances are you have an unconscious negative association with being slim. And my area of expertise is really to help women uncover what that association is. This in fact is at the very source of your weight struggles along with other factors. I can help you uncover all of them. To find out more,please click here

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