Health, Wealth and Fitness: Too much dieting is bad for the soul

Health, Wealth and Fitness: Too much dieting is bad for the soul

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Too much dieting is bad for the soul

''Diet, Dieting''‘Diet’, I really hate that word. Who could really maintain weight by forever dieting? I think it’s absolutely impossible. The phrase we should use is ‘healthy lifestyle, healthy living’. I don’t think one word, Diet, can really sum up what should be part of our life.To lose weight safely is quite simple . I will give you the secret to losing weight right now, ‘stop eating so much, stop eating food high in calories and move your body! Notice I did not say exercise, but move your body. A lot of energy goes into this idea of exercise, you know what I mean; go to the gym, start running, jogging, aerobic to name a few. It''s not that I am opposed to this, but it can only be maintained if it fits in with you and your lifestyle.

Now don’t get me wrong. If you feel really ‘fat’ and just want to make a quick start into your healthy life, then a controlled diet is fine. However, in order to maintain weight and keep it off your ‘diet’ has to be about you and your life and you must start moving that body. Be practical, can you really get to the gym, dance class or aerobics every week- perhaps not. If you can then fantastic , but remember exercise should be regular not just once a week!Here are some practical tips to reducing weight and forming habits that should stay with you for life:

Take each day as it comes, why stress if too much was consumed yesterday, a new day has arrived. Just try again.Try to eat your ‘carbohydrates’ during the day when you are moving your body more and thus burning more calories. Evening meals should mostly be light, but don’t beat yourself up if this is not possible every night.

Don’t eat left overs, leave them until the next day.Reduce sugar and carbonated drinks as much as you can.

Try to cook from fresh as you know how much calories are in what you cook

If you cannot cook from fresh, make sure you fill your plate with plenty of vegetables and salad. So yes you may have fish and chips, but if you have a large portion of salad or vegetables then you cannot fit so much fish and chops on your plate can you! Don’t cheat by piling the food high!Have smaller meals throughout the day. Do not sit down and eat one large meal, this is very difficult for the body to digest. Small is better and at regular intervals

Reward yourself with a treat at least twice a week.

Eat more fresh fruit, tin fruit is fine – try and get sugar free. Popcorn is good – get a popcorn maker, it makes a lovely snack – no sugar , please! okay a tiny bit!

Often when we think we are hungry we are thirsty , so drink water before reaching for that snack , you may just be thirsty.

Find out how many calories you need and try and stick to this.NOW MOVE YOUR BODY

- stop taking the lift and elevator

- put some of your favourite music on and have a dance for 15 /20 minutes, or dance whilst you clean

- when on the phone , try not to sit down, move around

- get up and turn the TV over

- leave your money and all credit /debit cards at home and go window shopping

- take the children to the park and join in , don’t just sit there!

- Find some muscle building activities and start to work those muscles 15 minutes a day is better than no minutes a day. As you get older it is important to build muscle as you lose muscles as you get older.

- Do a new activity once a month e.g. dancing, ice-skating, running, a gudied tour or anything that makes you move that body.

- Find a hobby , that takes you away from food; draw, paint, learn a new language.

- Have more sex ! You should burn some calories.

- Take a lunch break away from the computer.

Good Luck - tell me how you get on or your practical tips.

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Too much dieting is bad for the soul