Finally. a solution for back pain!

Finally. a solution for back pain!

If You Suffer From Back Pain, Then What I Am About To Share With

"There is nothing really wrong with you."

Myth! Chronic pain sufferers report that doctors

generally tell this to about 90 percent of them. And it is incorrect.

I begin, I need to tell you a bit about myself. After all, why

should you listen to me? I could be writing this and not know

ANYTHING about the subject! The truth is, I know A LOT about the

I have been suffering through major back pain for over 7 years!

name is Peter Dunbar and I am from the state of Vermont. I can remember

when my back pain started.. almost like it was yesterday. I was

carrying boxes up a large flight of stairs and twisted my body

the wrong way... the pain is something I have a hard time

talking about to this day, but I am talking about it now because

I want to help people cope with the pain, as I have.

was told that it was just pulled muscles at first. I was given

pain killers and anti-inflammatory medication to relieve the

pain, and try to, as they said, "calm down" what was

going on. I was scared. This was something I had never had to

went on and finally I was told to have a CT Scan. That is

I was diagnosed with two herniated discs at L1 and L2.

overweight and told that surgery was not an option (not that I

wanted surgery! The thought made me cringe).

have done several forms of therapy, including aqua therapy. I

spent hundreds of hours in therapy sessions all over the state

of Vermont. After my sessions I would feel great! For about an

was even put through a work hardening program where therapists

teach you "how to work smart" and how to "use

other parts of your body to compensate for the pain." What

have taken dozens of different pain medications, including ones

that literally knocked me out for 15 hours at a time. Does this

I realize many of you may not have quite the same problems as I

have, but I am just telling you my experiences so you can come

to realize I''m not just another schmuck on the internet. The

truth is, the secrets and information I am about to share can help anyone

with their back pain, no matter what their condition or level of

let''s discern if you have any of the following symptoms.. Do any

accident or sudden injury occurred. Or maybe you have no

idea what happened but suddenly woke up or started

activities like lifting or twisting a certain way cause

low back pain. Maybe your pain is ongoing or maybe it

goes away but keeps coming back.

you try some over-the-counter pain medication. Maybe

apply a heating pad and bed rest. Your friends and

family advise heat and / or cold packs. Since you’re

not sure which to try, you try either or both.

pass. Maybe weeks. But nothing seems to do the trick. At

the meantime, people seem to roll their eyes if you even

mention that you still have pain in your back.

“Aren’t you over that yet? Go see someone”, they

You get the run-around. Your chiropractor sends you to

your family physician who sends you to a specialist who

sends you to a clinic… blah, blah, blah. And each

visit means more time, more schedule juggling, more

tests, more insurance paperwork, more medications to try

headaches, not to mention more backaches.

results? Your healthcare professionals, co-workers and

even your friends, all seem to be telling you about the

same thing, “It must be all in your head, because

there is nothing wrong with you.” But you know it’s

not in your head. It’s in your BACK! (or maybe they

found something... and they tell you surgery is the only

– your back pain is STILL hanging around… just like

yesterday’s “To-Do’s” that keep piling up while

you’re wasting precious time and energy trying to

manage your healthcare, co-workers, friends, family - -

-heck, your own SELF. Stress city!

it be great to put an end to all that and just find

relief for nagging back pain problems? Wouldn’t it be

great to end the waiting in doctors’ offices, in rush

hour traffic, in slow pharmacy lines?

you’re looking for the latest, helpful information about back

pain relief, you’ve come to the right place.

you’re tired of trying health care providers, a variety of

pain medications, hot and cold packs, and movements that don''t

help you, but only cause you more pain, you’ve come to the

new book (not available in stores) is full of successful solutions that have I have used over

and over and tested. Select only those choices that fit into

your own budget and busy lifestyle.

you are new to the world of back pain, or a seasoned veteran, I

can assure you, the things you will learn will help you

tremendously! Consider it a blueprint to pain relief!

you don’t want to spend extra $$ for experimenting to find the

right help, the best treatments, the best strategy for healing,

you’ve taken a stand and found me because I can tell you

things about what I have been through that you can avoid and

show you proven methods that will actually help you!!!

you’re looking for quick back pain relief solutions for your

fast-paced lifestyle, there’s no need to bend over backwards

in search anymore. You will quickly learn many things you can do

to more effectively eliminate your pain as I have!

I know you are looking for immediate relief of the pain (trust

me I''ve been there!) I have made my book available for

immediate download. No waiting in line at the pharmacy or driving to the drug

have even worked it out so you can print out the entire book

immediately after ordering so you can read it in complete

will show you one on one, what works from the basics to the most

advanced treatments around to eliminate your back pain.Toss

aside your search stress and touch your toes pain free. Be

write you to thank you so much for helping me

with my chronic back pain. I had suffered for

years, and quite frankly, was afraid to do

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my family Doctor, and she couldn''t find anything

wrong. She talked about different drugs I could

take and this really scared me. I thought all I

could do now is suffer for the rest of my life

It’s amazing how often your daily one-minute inspirations say just what I need to hear. What a day-brightener to focus on -- One day, I was

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was hesitant to buy your book at first but then

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Just Answer The Following Five Questions... I quickly

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My Doctor didn''t even let me in on the many

therapies and techniques that are currently

available to chronic back pain sufferers like

me! I learned so much that I feel like I stole

again for a fine product that I would recommend

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