Five-Step Guide to Renewing CNA Certification

Five-Step Guide to Renewing CNA Certification

Get a step-by-step guide to renewing your CNA certification.

Your CNA certification is the most important credential that serves as your ticket to the health care world. It shows to employers, patients and the entire professional licensing bodies that you’re qualified and competent in providing quality nursing assistance.

Renewing your CNA certification through continuing education and meeting certain requirements of your State Nurse Aide Registry ensures you to stay that way. The Registry usually requires all CNAs to renew their certification every two years.

Below are the five steps to renewing your CNA certification.

1. Ask for an employment certification. Secure a copy from your current and past employers, indicating the length of service as a certified nursing assistant. Your State Nurse Aide Registry will require this document from you. But if you have not been working as certified nursing assistant for the last 24 months, you can still renew your CNA certification by undergoing another training.

2. Fill in your personal information clearly in the form. Provide all the necessary details and information. Write them legibly in the renewal form. There’s also a portion in the application which needs the signature of your present or most recent nurse aide employer, attesting to the authenticity of the provided information.

3. Send the form to the State Nurse Aide Registry. When you have completed filling out the renewal form, indicate your signature and send it by mail. Most Registries, if not all, don’t accept fax forms. Also include necessary documents as proof especially when you’ve changes to your personal information.

4. Allow time for processing. The renewal process can take as much as two weeks. Many State Nurse Aide Registries allow CNAs to check the status of their renewal through their official websites.

5. Retake the certification exam. Actually this fifth step is applicable only to CNAs who have not performed nursing assistance work within the past 2 years.

When your certification renewal is approved, your record will be updated and the Registry will then send you a new certificate and card. In case you don’t get the approval, the Registry will inform you of the matter, and usually recommend you to re-take the competency exam to maintain your enrollment on the Registry.

How Do You Keep Your CNA Certification Current?

Keeping your certification current is very important. To achieve that goal, you need to work in a health care facility or nursing-related services for 8 hours a day in the 24 months prior to the expiration date of your certification. You have to also to be sure that your name and address are up to date, since the Registry will mail the recertification form to the address you’ve put in your last renewal.

Taking further training and continuing education can also offer you a lot of advantages not only when you apply for recertification, but also to the general advancement of your nursing assistance career. So grab every opportunity of gaining new skills as this can help you when renewing your CNA certification and adding more value on your resume.