Introducing LifeWave Y-Age

Introducing LifeWave Y-Age

Hello, I''m David Vernem and welcome to Lifewave Patches UK

Here, I''ll be presenting our unique Anti-Aging Products and highlighting Glutathione; the miracle antioxidant, which super boosts our immune system,
detoxes our body and improves the quality of our skin.

Introducing LifeWave Y-Age

A natural way to slow down aging,
without using drugs or supplements

Main Benefits as shown from
10 years of research and 68 clinical tests

  • Accelerates wound healing

    We''ve all got used to thinking that we have to put something into our body (like drugs or supplements) to look and feel younger.

    LifeWave offer a more natural alternative with dynamic results.

    It’s been known for thousands of years that specific frequencies of light can cause change within our body.
    For example when we go out in the sun, a frequency of light causes our body to make vitamin D.
    Another frequency of light (UV) will cause our body to make melanin, the chemical that gives us a tan.

    Lifewave patch technology uses this concept.
    Each patch has its own unique frequency, so sends a different signal to cause a different change within our body.

  • Amazing Technology In A Little Patch

    • It''s about the size of a £2 coin and is composed of organic compounds and liquid crystals.
    • The patch is non-transdermal, meaning that nothing enters the body
    • Can be used for up to 48 hours
    • Can be used while showering or swimming
    • The adhesive backing of the patch is hypoallergenic, so quite safe for those of you with allergies
    • All clinical studies and research on the patch are documented and can be viewed here

    Here are our Anti-Aging products.

    Each product brings its own unique Anti-Aging benefits;
    together they combine to create a highly effective Anti-Ageing system.


    Main Anti-Aging Benefits

  • Improves overall health

    Our Glutathione patch is a safe and natural method of elevating Glutathione levels, the body’s master antioxidant.

    Many scientists believe that our life expectancy is directly proportioned to our Glutathione levels.
  • FACTS about Glutathione and its benefits in an anti-aging program:-

    • Glutathione is a material that is found naturally in the human body
    • As we age our bodies levels of Glutathione start to decline, necessitating the need for supplementation
    • Glutathione is the master antioxidant and plays an important role in our overall health
    • As we age our body may accumulate toxins; Glutathione protects the body from many toxins we come into contact with every day
    • As we age we are subjected to numerous heavy metals, in the food we eat and the air we breathe; Glutathione is known to rid the body of heavy metals such as Mercury
    • As we age the protein structures in our body begin to break down. Collagen, which gives our skin its elasticity, is one of these structures. Glutathione helps to protect our collagen. Users of our Glutathione patch have recognised at as a highly effective skin care product, reporting remarkable reductions in fine lines and wrinkles; some within just a few weeks.
    • When we exercise our body uses up its stores of antioxidants; Glutathione is known to improve athletic performance and to help us keep going longer
    • As we age our immune system becomes weaker; Glutathione can keep the immune system functioning at its peak.

    There are other Glutathione supplements on the market, but clinical research shows that common Glutathione pills, powders and drinks can only elevate blood Glutathione levels by little more than 10% in 30 days.

    A LifeWave research study was performed in 2006 to independently examine the effects of the Y-Age Glutathione patch on blood glutathione levels over a period of five days. After 24 hours of patch use, average blood glutathione levels rose by more than 300 percent over baseline. Not only that, but by the end of the five-day study period, they had also stayed at that elevated level.

    Multiple studies have confirmed that the LifeWave Y-Age Glutathione patch increases blood glutathione levels in a safe and natural way!

    Blood Glutathione levels have been identified as being one of the most important indicators of our overall health. As the master antioxidant in the body Glutathione has a range of diverse metabolic functions including acting as a free radical scavenger, “recharging” depleted antioxidants back into their active state (Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, etc.), maintaining the immune system, supporting protein structures and removing heavy metals such as mercury through the liver.

    Present methods that attempt to elevate Glutathione levels are not very effective. Oral supplements of Glutathione are destroyed by stomach acids. Glutathione is a tri-peptide composed of three amino acids and adding these amino acids to the diet does not guarantee elevated levels of Glutathione. Injections of Glutathione does translate into elevated levels of Glutathione in the blood however this method is undesirable on a daily basis, is expensive and inconvenient.

    The LifeWave Y-Age Glutathione patch is a new way to increase Glutathione levels in the body. Our patch technology makes elevating Glutathione levels convenient, effective and safe.

    David Schmidt says... “As we age or become stressed, and given our daily exposure to environmental toxins, our body’s glutathione levels become depleted, affecting our liver, eyes and even our hearing,” explains Schmidt. “Our new LifeWave Y-Age Glutathione patch increases blood glutathione levels in a safe and natural way without the need for powders, pills or drinks.”

    “We designed the Y-Age Glutathione patch to safely, effectively and economically elevate the body’s glutathione levels,” said Schmidt. “This is a non-transdermal patch with a new technology that gently stimulates acupuncture points to improve the body’s energy flow for increasing antioxidant levels, similar to how sunlight can increase the body''s Vitamin D level.”


      Main Anti-Aging Benefits

    For centuries human beings have searched for the elusive fountain of youth. But what if the answer to vibrant health and vitality could be found within our own bodies?

    Carnosine is a naturally occurring nutrient in our bodies whose production declines with age. Clinical research on Carnosine has produced some amazing and dramatic results including the knowledge that Carnosine may be the principle nutrient for keeping the body young as we grow older.

    FACTS about Carnosine and its benefits in an anti-aging program:

    • Carnosine is a material that is found naturally in the human body
    • As we age our bodies levels of Carnosine start to decline, necessitating the need for supplementation
    • Carnosine is an antioxidant and plays an important role in our overall health
    • Studies on Carnosine show that it can protect the brain from plaque, one of the causes of Alzheimer''s disease.
    • Studies on Carnosine show that it protects our DNA better than any other nutrient
    • Carnosine has the unique ability to turn old cells into young and healthy cells!
    • Studies on Carnosine show that it can improve cognitive functioning, so has the potential to improve memory, reasoning ability, spatial processing, reaction time, brain processing speed and accuracy.
    • Carnosine is known to accelerate wound healing through repair of connective tissue
    • Patents have been issued for using Carnosine to improve athletic performance; this is possible because Carnosine helps to prevent the build up of lactic acid in our muscles

    There are other Carnosine supplements on the market, but clinical research shows that common Carnosine pills, powders and drinks can only elevate blood Carnosine levels by trivial amounts in 30 days.

    LifeWave has completed a bioelectrical impedance study of LifeWave Carnosine patches using an Electro Interstitial Scanning (EIS) system. This study showed that cellular physiologic organ function (status), improved in eight of the ten tested organs.

    These results have never been available before LifeWave

    The Y-Age technique uses two types of patches – one to protect our body, and the other to repair it. These patches actually tell our body to produce more of the two important antioxidant elements – Glutathione and Carnosine.

    Main Anti-Aging Benefits
    The Y-Age Aeon patch is a unique, one of a kind product which has never been available before. It''s main function is to offer stress relief to our body. In clinical research performed by LifeWave, it has been determined that Aeon has the following benefits:

    Our research demonstrates results. A clinical study showed a balancing of the autonomic nervous system within just 10 minutes of patch application. This is a result of a calm, stress-free state.

    "We had hypothesized that the Aeon patch would bring the
    autonomic nervous system more in balance. It appears that
    this result did occur as shown above."

    Dr Thomas Budzynski, PhD

    In another study, infrared imaging illustrated a decrease in inflammation in response to Aeon, which lowers C-reactive proteins (which rise in response to inflammation). This is important because inflammation is often a symptom of stress and it can damage healthy tissue and even DNA.

    "Infrared imaging provides visual representation of the Aeon patch at work.
    After 10 minutes, you can see a clear drop in local temperature,
    indicating a reduction in inflamation."

    Dr.Dean Clark, D.C

    A New Era in Anti-Ageing
    Although we may not think about it this way, the stress of daily life creates a tremendous impact on how we age. You can probably identify people in your own life who have been under so much stress that they seem to age before your eyes. And the evidence for the link between stress and aging isn''t just anecdotal.
    I''m sure you agree that we could all do with a little stress relief.

    For more than fifty years, physiologists have known that stressing an animal will cause it to age very quickly. Stress produces harmful free radicals and other bio-chemicals that can damage our tissues and DNA. Recent research also shows that chronic stress reduces levels of DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), a powerful hormone directly connected to lifespan, and increases levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which has been linked to accelerated aging.

    But we now have a powerful new weapon in the battle against stress and aging – the Y-Age Aeon patch. This revolutionary new product is designed to help promote an "anti-stress" response in your body. Lower levels of stress have been shown to help combat the ravages of aging. The Aeon patch is applied to acupuncture points that have been known to stimulate the immune system, so you can get the maximum benefits from this product.

    The amazing story of LifeWave continues

    Take a few moments and listen to an Incredible and amazing story from Don & Sandy....

    Why do we age?

    Well basically, the amount of energy that our body produces decreases. The electrical charge around our cells decrease, similar to a battery, whose energy depletes as it gets older.

    When we eventually die of old age, our cells shrink, becoming so small that they stop producing ATP, which is the basic unit of energy.
    Also as we age, our cells become dehydrated, damaged and stops multiplying.

    To make things worse, our bodies are constantly being bombarded with daily pollutions from the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and the medications that we take.
    From these pollutions, toxins and chemicals, such as DDT attack our cells, literally stealing their electrons.

    Radioactive pollution is just as damaging and even more of a concern, as many of us are unaware of it; mobile phones being one of the main causes.
    Lifewave offers the most effective mobile phone radiation protection to help combat this.

    Oh and lets not forget stress; we all suffer from it, to some degree and it''s
    one of the biggest factors behind premature ageing.

    Y-Age Testimonials

    "Hello, my name is Jenny Bigland and I am a 51 year old mother of 3 teenage boys.

    Before using the patches I looked and felt very different to the way I look and feel now. My skin was tired and lined and most of the time had very little energy. I recently started my menopause which meant I would wake up during the night in a hot sweat and would then take ages to get back to sleep again.

    Then one day a friend told me about these Lifewave patches, I decided to try them and haven’t looked back since, they have literally changed my life. I constantly get compliments about how good I look, my energy level has improved 100%, no more dips in the afternoons and best thing of all my hot flushes have practically gone, and in fact I haven’t had a night sweat since I started the patches. I began to tell everyone about the patches and before long many of my friends and family were feeling the benefit too.
    I have now been on the y-age patches for nearly 3 years and can tell you that I have not had a cough, cold or flu in that time, which to me is just incredible, and believe me I am exposed to plenty of sick people…

    Jenny Bigland
    United Kingdom

    I am 51 years old, from the beginning, with these patches; I have felt comfortable, enthusiastic, better shape, a new life! It also makes the skin softer and prettier!

    Nogales Françoise

    Pain for 5 yrs after being recently diagnosed with degenerative disc disease. I''ve been prescribed Percocet, Vicodin, but it left me nauseous and still in pain. Distributor Carson Pay tells me to use Aeon and Ice wave and after 3 days of patches I went from not using any at all and am 98% pain free.

    Lisa Justice

    Upon getting braces on her teeth when she was 10 years old, her gums became swollen and gradually for the next 8-9 months Michaela would experience stomach pain, nausea, intense body pain, loss of memory, brain fog and she was very lethargic. At times she would have to crawl up the stairs because she had so much pain in her legs. We took her to a pediatrician in Livermore who used meridian stress assessment to determine she was highly allergic to nickel. Once we found this out we had her braces removed immediately. She instantly felt energy go through her body. As days went by the pain got a little better in her legs but not in her back.

    From Suzanne Somers I discovered Lifewave. Upon putting the Icewave and Tan plus Aeon patches on her back her pain goes away and only returns after sitting for long periods. Then she''ll stand up and her pain goes away. This goes on all day. I continue to put the patches on, but now the pain has moved to a different spot on her back--its always been her lower back but now it''s over her kidney area. It''s wonderful to have the pain gone for the amount of time it is and simply by standing it goes away again. She is finally getting relief from her 6 years of pain. She is looking forward to complete healing.

    Susan Cohoon for Michaela Cohoon

    I wear Glutathione, Carnosine and Aeon every day. There is no doubt in my mind that if you want to maintain your health and energy, you need the right products.

    Dennis Rosen

    I sprained my ankle and under normal circumstances, I should have been in bed with no movement whatsoever. As I was entering the hospital, I placed Aeon with IceWave on my ankle. The next morning, I used the crutches, but I was almost walking perfectly because my ankle was no longer as swollen as the first day. After one more night with Aeon and IceWave patches, I got up and walked normally with no pain. I still patch myself, but I can do all my tasks.

    Annabel Mendes

    My personal experience after using the Aeon patch: I can say that I have noticed a nervous balancing, less stress and a very deep sleep. I am still using it, I will see later what other changes occur.

    Isabel Morcillo
    Barcelona, Spain

    I felt the difference 3 minutes after putting it on [Y-Age Aeon]. A strong vibration went up from my leg to my head and spread all over my body. After 10 minutes I was very relaxed, happy and focused on the next actions I had to take. I have never felt this good.

    Javier del Olmo

    I have used Aeon for six weeks only. From day two it was apparent that something different was happening. I felt really great, far less stressed. Within 3 days I was sleeping really well, falling asleep quicker, deeper and more refreshed. My partner Audrey was experiencing the same, which to me was amazing as she has been a poor sleeper for many years. Both of us sleep like babies! Two of my family members, who have only been on the patches for two weeks, are once again sleeping and feeling really well.

    Duncan Wilson

    The patches [Y-Age: Glutathione and Carnosine] have improved the firmness of my skin on all the levels. Wrinkles and small wrinkles are almost thing of the past now (52 years). My color is better, my hair and my nails are all in better condition. Since the beginning of the continuous protocol (Aeon), my husband has found his joy to live which has been lost for several years. He has been rejuvenated. He sleeps very well at night, and wakes in the morning with vitality and is very functional with no coffee. Our life as a couple has never been better and will continue to be because Lifewave is going to be around forever.

    Lucie Lafrance on behalf of Jacques Beaugrand Champagne
    Québec, Canada

    When I looked in the mirror I saw someone who was older than he was, with fine lines and poor skin quality. After work, instead of spending time with my children, I would need to lie down on the settee, because I was so tired. I looked and felt old. I tried vitamins and supplements, but nothing seem to make a difference.

    I was told about this product, so I tried it. After two months I noticed a difference. After work I found that I had enough energy to spend time with my children and even cook dinner sometimes. I have been using this product for 18 months now and I have noticed a reduction in fine lines and my complexion looks healthier. I look so much younger and have more energy. Also my immune system is stronger, because I have had no coughs or colds, which I regularly used to get.

    I liked the product so much, I decided to go into business for myself and make it available to other people like me, so they could try it too.

    David Vernem
    United Kingdom