Beating Winter Fitness Slump

Beating Winter Fitness Slump

Winter and exercise can be difficult to combine. In the summer you were so glad to be outdoors but in the winter, not so much. Here are a few tips for helping you beat that winter fitness slump.

When the weather gets cold, we want to be like bears and hibernate. Unfortunately, if we sleep for 3 months there will be a major problem. So, instead of sleeping the winter away, how about we continue to get moving?

It can be hard to motivate yourself to exercise when all you want to do is cozy up, but you can do it. Exercise is just as important to the body in the winter months. In fact, because the body tends to lose heat in the winter, working out reaps that much more of a benefit to you. Your body has to work harder to stay warm, burning up more calories.

Now that you know the advantages of staying active, here are some fitness tips to get you motivated;

Prepare – It is hard to get moving when you have to get your gear together. If you know that tomorrow is your exercise day, lay out your clothing and your shoes so you can jump into them easier. Keep your running shoes by the front door or your jacket on the hook where you can easily find it. The less of a struggle it is, the more chance you have of actually completing that workout.

Work out inside – Who says that you have to go outside if you don’t want to? Invest in some fitness DVDs and pop one into the player first thing in the morning. You have been indoors so you are not freezing. The body is warm and ready to go.

Bundle up – You are not too keen about the cold air, but if you dress properly, you won’t be fazed by it. Remember that you lose heat primarily out of your extremities (including your head), so keep them covered up. Wear a thinner glove for comfort and grip. Always wear a hat to protect your head and a scarf for your neck. Sporting goods stores may carry winter exercise gear.

Work with a buddy – Two heads are better than one. Enlist the aid of a partner to help keep you motivated to fitness in the winter. Having someone with you encourages you to continue with your program and not just hit the couch.

Choose a fun activity – You don’t have to go for a five-mile run if you feel like something to do. Play a game of catch in your backyard with your family. Go ice skating or snowboarding with friends. If you like doing it, then it doesn’t seem like exercise.

Don’t let the winter stop you from staying in shape. Apply the above tips to keep the momentum going.

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