Live Singing Performance

If you want to give your best singing performance, you need to know how to behave, so here are a few tips to help you out.


Make sure you”ve rehearsed with the band. A minimum of one dress rehearsal should be carried out prior to taking the stage. Don”t read the lyrics on your last dress rehearsal, sing everything from memory.

Choosing your outfit

Make sure you choose a good outfit, because this can determine the outcome of your show. When you choose an outfit, make sure that you wear it during rehearsals so that you get used to it. Make sure that you can move and breathe in the outfit you have chosen to wear.

Walking out onto the stage

After you know where to stand it”s a good idea to practice walking into place. While one would think walking across a stage would be easy, it”s actually fairly difficult. You want to stop in place but also find your posture as you stop. Do your best to keep your posture as you walk to your chosen position.

Keep the speaker turned away from you

Singing with a band can be confusing, at least the first time. If the speakers are pointed away from you, which they probably will be, you may have trouble hearing yourself. Ask if they can turn the speaker toward you. Remember that bands often play pretty loud, and turning the speaker towards yourself can be distracting if you have a huge wall of sound coming at you. If a specific instrument plays the melody line, you may have to get used to picking out that sound from the other instruments.

Smile to your audience

Make sure you smile as you go on stage. A smile will make you appear to be confident, which will boost your performance. Even if you are nervous, you need to make the smile look authentic.

Take note of the audience

It can be difficult to know when to acknowledge the audience. Singers won”t always sing in a small place. To get a feel for whether to include the audience as part of your song, watch and learn from the seasoned pros.

Distractions will occur

In a normal concert there can be a lot of distractions. People might enter late, cough, get up and leave, or any number of other things. Most people are ignorant as to how this can distract a performer, and because you are the performer you are expected to be professional about it. When you practice at home you might want to intentionally stage some distractions. Get a friend to try and distract you while you practice ignoring them and concentrating on your performance.

Watch those hands

If you”re not sure what to do with your hands during your live singing performance, putting your hands down at your sides is safest. The safest place is at your sides, even if that”s not the most interesting place. If you choose to gesture, make it a complete gesture and make sure your elbows move out away from your body. If you need another option, then you can clasp your hands to the front of you.

Great so now you”ve got a good idea of how to behave on the big night. In order to wow your audience you”ll need to work hard to perfect your singing skills. You can either take private singing lessons or use a professional home-study singing course like Sing With Freedom. Also if you”re struggling to promote you and your band, you”ll definitely want to check out Social Bandmaker. It”ll teach you everything you need to know about succeeding as a performer and making your mark on the music industry.Â

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