Chris Dranias excelled at the International Powerlifting Association SA Championships taking a gold medal in the junior and open divisions!

Chris, only 20 years old, won the 125kg junior division with a squat of 300kg, a benchpress of 180kg and a deadlift of 300kg. He then went on to win the senior 125kg division title with a 300kg squat, 185kg benchpress and 325kg deadlift beating second place by 15kg!

Chris currently holds the SA junior squat and deadlift record – 300kg and 325kg respectively. He also holds the SA senior deadlift record of 325kg.

Message from Brett & Mario : Chris has a very bright future ahead of him. We are proud to have him as one of our team. Congratulations Chris on your fantastic results.


To secure her place on a predominantly male dominated team, Alena Schurkova made her mark on National Woman's Day for Team Muscle Science by taking second place in the Miss Bikini Championships being held at Tyger Valley on the weekend.

Alena is competitive by nature. She has taken many SA titles including beach volleyball and bodybuilding. She has recently added a second place in the Miss Bikini Championship that was held at Tyger Valley in Cape Town on Woman's Day weekend.

Alena said competition was pretty tough with 13 girls entering the Bikini division. "I am happy with the result. I know next time to take more time practicing walking in heels! I am not used to walking with high heels and I think this worked against me," she said.

Message from Brett & Mario: Don't worry Alena, you are never too sexy for Team Muscle Science. Congratulations on your result. We are proud to say you are one of our team members. Best of luck for the KZN and SA Champs. We will all be cheering for you.

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